W.D.M. Limited operates a fleet of survey vehicles to provide safe, reliable and cost effective assessment of road conditions. This service, delivered by expert operators using an ISO 9001:2015 third party accredited quality system, is available worldwide.

It is ideal for those clients who do not wish to purchase their own vehicles, or for whom the capital and running costs are too great to justify. It is also an attractive option for clients who require limited road survey capacity, are still developing policy and/or wish to always have access to the latest equipment.

RAV / Scanner Surveys

Road Assessment Vehicles (RAVs) carry out high speed data acquisition and recording of road surface conditions, including automatic recognition of surface cracking. This gives performance indicators to enable maintenance work to be prioritized and National Indicators to be calculated.


SCRIM® Surveys

Helping to lower accident rates by identifying where there is a risk of wet-road skidding. The introduction of regular SCRIM® machine surveys, together with a skid policy based on the current standards, offers a very cost effective option for local authorities to achieve and maintain reductions in their road casualty rates.

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