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A new online service has been launched by a local branch of the UK government which will dramatically improve how local authorities manage and respond to highway faults.

Whether it's reporting a pothole, a faulty street light or a blocked drain, the new system provides a seamless experience for all, whether you are a member of the public reporting the defect or highway maintenance staff fixing the fault.

The new system, which has been developed by W.D.M. Limited, is easy to use and interactive, and it is hoped will lead to significant improvements in local road safety.

Members of the public can now report a road fault easily online and add photos via an official website, There is a search facility that uses zipcodes or street names, plus the ability to identify a fault's location via pinpointing on a map.

One advantage of reporting the fault via the new online service is that people can provide their email address and receive automatic progress updates direct to their inbox. It is also possible to view faults that have already been reported on a map, view the status of each fault and register for automated updates on any previously reported fault.

Faults reported online will be instantly allocated to a highway area steward, who will review the information and allocate to one of the local highway maintenance teams.

The repair teams will receive the detail of the fault on new 'tough' tablets, which means when using the broadband infrastructure and the mobile network, they will receive the information in real time, without needing to return to a highways depot for instructions.

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The team will then assess the fault and if possible repair it, or at least make it safe, in line with the local road safety standards. Using the new program the team can easily update online information, including getting access to photos and associated documents.

Councillor Keith Little, a local government representative for roads and highways, said: "This area has one of the largest highway networks in the country and we are committed to providing a safe and well managed road network. We will be investing over 94 million euros ($101 million) in highway maintenance in 2017/18 and our highway teams work very hard maintaining our road safety and fixing faults throughout the year."

"I'm absolutely delighted that we are launching a new online service for reporting road defects like potholes. I believe it will improve efficiency and make a big difference to the way we manage roads and respond to highway faults. The new system will also make it much easier for the public to report highway faults and track progress of highway maintenance in the future. I would encourage people wishing to report a pothole or other road issues to visit our website and use the new system."

WDM® developed the process, known as Public Information Portal or ‘PIP’, as part of their Integrated Highway Asset Management System. Ian Cadwallader, Software Development Manager at WDM®, says the program not only increases direct access for members of the public to report road problems, but gives the council greater control over its assets.

 “The software increases both communication and efficiency of operation, enabling the authority to carry out effective road repairs without delay. Members of the public reporting faults also get peace of mind from the knowledge that their voice can make a difference,” he said. 

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