WDM® staff provide training courses covering all aspects of the Company’s work as well as supporting national conferences. The Company also takes a leading role in organizing and running International Conferences with the theme of Safer Roads.

Courses can be held in a client’s office, or the Company’s Head Office in the UK. The course content is specifically tailored and can either be hands on small groups, largely lectures with workshops, largely workshops or a combination of all three. 

Typical examples of recent courses include:

  • Skid Resistance Workshops 
  • Road Condition Assessment Workshops
  • Annual Asset Management Workshop for the Eastern Consortium 
  • On-site training for site investigations
  • One to one training for advanced use of the WDM® PMS 

The Company has worked with New Zealand Transport Authority and US Highway bodies to jointly organize International Conferences on Road Surface Friction. Papers and presentations from the conferences can be found at Safe Roads Conference website. 

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