Scheme Identification and Prioritization

Implementing an effective Highway Asset Management Strategy relies on robust systems for scheme identification and assessment. Increasingly highway authorities need to demonstrate that they are achieving value for money from the schemes they carry out. The W.D.M. Consultancy team has extensive experience of working with highway authorities in developing and improving scheme identification.

Often authorities have SCANNER, SCRIM® and Deflectograph data, visual condition data and other data sources that are used as part of scheme identification. Developing a prioritized list that considers all available data can be a complex task. WDM® has developed tools and techniques to help authorities in developing scheme lists.

Scheme identification can either be undertaken using visual identification of potential schemes, or using an automated process through WDM® Scheme Manager Software. The WDM® Consultancy team assists authorities in identifying the best methodology for any authority.

For both methods the process is similar and is illustrated below.

Scheme identification process

A key element of the WDM® consultancy approach is the analysis of data to assist an authority to identify schemes that meet specific policy objectives, for example to achieve the best effect on the National Indicators, the most effective schemes using weightings for different criteria, or the most cost effective schemes.

The schemes can be identified using mapping tools, or as scheme listings as illustrated.

Individual scheme summary

Typical scheme plan

Summary of proposed works

Scheme identification and prioritization can be adapted to suit any authority’s specific requirements.

The WDM® Consultancy team has undertaken a number of projects using condition data including:

  • Assessment of utility reinstatement work
  • Predicting roads likely to experience category 1 defects
  • Developing weighting sets for Unclassified roads
  • Review of the performance of aggregates in terms of SCRIM

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