Analysis and Reporting

The WDM® Consultancy team has detailed understanding of structural deterioration of flexible pavements and provides detailed analysis of condition data.

The team has in-depth expertise of analyzing Deflectograph, SCANNER and SCRIM® data to define structural, functional and safety programs.

For many performance contracts the contractor is required to demonstrate that they maintain the network to a prescribed condition, and the WDM® consultancy team provides analysis and reports tailored to specific contractor’s requirements.

Structural strengthening to HD29/08

The WDM® Consultancy team has a detailed understanding of using Pandef to identify the nature and extent of work required for a section of road. This service has been provided for clients for scheme design, PFI contract monitoring, and to assess strengthening options for existing roads. 

Deflectograph reporting

Useful Link: HD 29/08, Data for Pavement Assessment, DMRB, Volume 7, Section3, Part 2 

Contract Monitoring

Many contracts are left with pavement performance criteria defined from condition surveys. The Consultancy team has experience of using condition data to report against these criteria, and to provide detailed analysis of condition data and trends. These include PFI and DBFO contracts where ongoing monitoring is required, and impact assessments of the change in traffic due to developments.

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