The WDM® consultancy service was developed to help clients maximize the use of survey data and is led by a Chartered Civil Engineer, providing specialist assistance to central and local government and the private sector to manage and maintain their highway assets. Consultancy support is available for those clients who can no longer justify in-house expertise.

The Consultancy team specializes in skid resistance policies and delivers cost effective solutions covering asset management, condition assessment, financial modelling and long-term maintenance programs.

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Analysis and Reporting

The WDM® Consultancy team has detailed understanding of structural deterioration of flexible pavements and provides detailed analysis of condition data.


Asset Management

WDM® supports clients in developing Asset Management strategies, both in the USA, the UK and Internationally. 


Project identification and Prioritization

Implementing an effective Highway Asset Management Strategy relies upon robust systems for scheme identification and assessment. Increasingly highway authorities need to demonstrate that they are achieving value for money from the schemes that they carry out. 


Skid Resistance Strategy

The WDM® Consultancy team has extensive experience of implementing skid policies, tailored to the needs and resources available, to a range of highway networks, from small authorities and private ventures through to central government organizations.



WDM® staff provide training courses covering all aspects of the Company’s work as well as supporting national conferences. The Company also takes a leading role in organizing and running International Conferences with the theme of Safer Roads.


High Friction Surfacing Treatment

WDM® have measured the in-service sideway force coefficient, or wet skidding resistance of HFST, across the UK and expanding to the US. The data collected supports the view that HFST provides the best long-term solution for achieving the necessary SCRIM® road survey machine values across the network.

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