Ensure your skid resistance policy, strategy and procedures are fit for purpose

Many highway authorities have adopted a policy to manage their skid resistance but often the implementation is dependent on not just staff from the highway authority, but also staff from partners and contractors. The manner in which these separate stakeholders interact and understand their roles is critical to the success of the process and the quality of the outcomes.

The implementation of a skid resistance strategy provides an evidence based approach of assessing the risk of collisions due to road surface.  A well implemented strategy can provide a defense against civil and criminal claims. A poorly implemented strategy can expose authorities and those implementing the policy to expensive claims, and for the individuals concerned also significant stress.

W.D.M. Limited have extensive experience of developing skid resistance policies with highway authorities both in the UK and throughout the world. This experience has given the Company’s staff a detailed insight into the effectiveness of different approaches to the implementation of policy. 

As a consequence, WDM® have been appointed to review policies and particularly how effectively they are being implemented, by a number of organizations. The results identify any weaknesses, suggest improvements and, if adopted, provide clients with a robust process for the management of skid resistance across their highway network.  

An example of the process applied to 6 different authorities and the common themes and issues that emerged with approaches to solve common concerns that emerged from the reviews can be found at Lessons from 3 reviews of how skid strategies are implemented. 

To discuss how WDM® could help to provide and external review of your policy please email

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