Development of a skid policy across a large urban area

Highway Networks serving large metropolitan areas are usually managed by a large number of separate highway authorities. Under these circumstances it is very important that standards and their implementation are agreed and implemented in a uniform manner.

W.D.M. Limited have worked with 33 London boroughs and Transport for London to develop a skid policy that each funding body adopted. The policy covered the Principle Road network across the whole of London. 

With the policy agreed a set of tools have been developed to assist engineers process skid resistance data in areas needing detailed input and investigation. Procedures have been developed to allow engineers to prioritize sites for investigation based on skid resistance and accident records.

The sites prioritized are investigated, initially using a desk top study, and if appropriate, this is followed by a secondary investigation, leading to treatment identification. The development of a training manual covering the initial and secondary investigations, for use by the authorities, has assisted this outcome.

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Further details of this work can be obtained from the following references:

Development of the policy

Implementation of the policy

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