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Cornwall Council has reduced its carbon footprint by 60% and will deliver an estimated $70million (£54m) saving on the cost of running 52,000 street lights in the County, following the introduction of a comprehensive infrastructure asset management solution from W.D.M. Limited.

The cost savings will be realised over the next 25 years using the WDM® Integrated Asset Management System (IAMS), a low-risk, high added-value solution delivered over the internet from a Government security approved hosted environment.

The Council uses the system as a tool to deliver across-the-board savings and improve communication. IAMS interfaces with all street equipment through a resource manager platform, whilst an independently developed Council App provides access to a wide range of information to both the public and employees, using xml feeds.

The IAMS software has been designed to operate on a wide range of devices, from tablets, such as IPads, to Windows PCs. It is a logical, intuitive, effective, efficient, user-friendly and enjoyable system, affording administrators full control over Assets.

The Cornwall IAMS Carbon Reduction Commitment facility allows monitoring of electrical consumption, asset valuation and age reports, performance indicators of works undertaken and performance of equipment installed on site.

Cornwall Council have used this framework, in conjunction with a remote monitoring interface within the IAMS Lighting Management System, to implement part night switching and dimming of its street lights as well as manage its integrated technologies maintenance contract.

“The Invest to Save street lighting project, which began back 2009, has allowed us to significantly cut emissions and become a pioneer in street lighting management” explains Cornwall’s Transport and Technology Commissioning Manager, Glyn Williams.

The three-year project saw the replacement of over 52,000 street lighting units throughout the County, with the then new lamp technology and control system.

“The approach has enabled the Council to vary its operating light levels and switch the profiles from full on, to a dimmed state, dependent on the highway hierarchy, traffic usage and time of the night,” he said.

“It has allowed us to realize significant savings with the reduced consumption without having to turn any lights off. In addition, the new technology allows us to monitor the exact energy consumption of the units and alter the profiles at the flick of a switch, with the flexible ability to change overnight at no extra cost”.

As a result, the overall connected load of the street lighting in Cornwall has been reduced by 40% (2,386kW). Annual energy consumption reduction year on year has been reduced from 19.4KWh to just 12.3KWh – a saving of a 36% and in terms of carbon reduction 3,843 tCO2 p.a.

The Lighting Management System within IAMS incorporates the requirements of BSCP 520 regarding roadside electrical assets and the reporting suite easily facilitates reports on performance of light scouts and other inspections, performance of fault repair reports, plus TR22 and asset managing reporting.

The Intelligent Transport Module, included within LMS, also allows Cornwall Council to include work associated with roadside electrical assets, such as traffic signals, traffic counters, CCTV, ANPR, VMS car park equipment and signs and weather stations.

Ian Cadwallader, WDM®'s Software Development Manager, says IAMS gives Cornwall a powerful management tool. “IAMS continues to prove itself to be a cost-effective approach to asset management. The savings achieved in running the street lights in Cornwall over the next quarter of a century will deliver a healthy ROI. “With local authority budgets increasingly under pressure, it’s important for the Council to be able to micro-manage its assets, improve efficiencies and reduce expenditure,” he said.

WDM®, the UK’s leading highway asset management specialists, has more than two decades’ experience of delivering software solutions to government bodies and local authorities. The IAMS is well proven and also the choice of Transport Scotland, the Welsh Government and Transport Northern Ireland.

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